itsme new international initiative for industrial market

itsme is a new international initiative for supplying components and services to industrial customers. itsme is short for Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical and consists of companies that have earned a reputation as reliable advisers and distribution partners. The best known company within itsme is Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch, which has recently been renamed ES Elektro.

Since Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch came into being twelve years ago when four Dutch electrotechnical wholesale companies merged, a lot has changed in the industrial market. Customers demand specific solutions for the unburdening of their processes and seek to improve their competitive position through innovations in technology. Beside this, borders play an increasingly minor role. Borders between countries, but also borders between electrical engineering and mechanics.

Director Henk Oude Brunink of itsme: “We spot these market developments and make strategic choices based on them.” This implies that the Group of Companies will focus sharply on industry, engineering, modular construction and industrial installers. For that reason two years ago Hoogland-Mennens was added to the Group as a dealer of industrial supplies. In addition, the flexible customer support in the fields of industrial automation and customized logistics is being developed continuously. Finally, itsme opts to follow their customers internationally as well. Therefore recently, in addition to the Rumanian company, also companies in Belgium and Germany were added to the Group.

In every country the itsme companies play a dependable role in supplying technical materials for their customers. In doing so, they can fall back on the expertise of the itsme Solutions both at home and abroad. The Solutions provide innovative customer support in, among others, industrial automation and logistic solutions such as Vendor Managed Inventory. International customers, too, can come to itsme, for as all its companies work or will work with SAP, itsme is able to lay down and honour customer agreements nationally and internationally.

The aim of the Group of Companies to make a clear contribution to the success of its customers is underlined by the payoff ‘Making You Succeed’. Oude Brunink: “In every country our people share the will to support customers in their success. And because success is the work of men, as a family business we consider the personal touch to be of the utmost importance.”